Flexy Vuetify Vue3 Dashboard

Flexy Vuetify Vue3 Dashboard

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Flexy Vuetify Vue3 Dashboard


Flexy VueJs Admin Template (Made with Vuetify 3 + Vue3 + Typescript)

Flexy Vuejs admin dashboard is based on vuetify and comes with refreshing look with many ready-to-use features. It is based on famous Google’s material design. Flexy Vuetify dashboard comes with few customizable application designs, which can be great start for you to building an relative application.

Flexy Vuetify js admin panel template is multi-purpose and perfect for building any kind of web application and product. You can use it to create inventory management, warehouse management, accounting software, any SaaS based application and many more.

Flexy Vuejs template is built with great care on user experience part and it is thoroughly tested to give you much desire comfort while building your project. It is been designed by industry leader designers, followed by clean code by our dedicated development team.

This premium vuejs admin dashboard template is already appreciated by lots of customers within different frameworks like Flexy Angular Template and Flexy Bootstrap. It is been one of the highest selling templates.

By purchasing this template, you are assured with Free lifetime updates and dedicated 1 year premium support.


RTL Dashboard version
4 unique demos
3+ unique dashboards
6 color skins
3000+ Font icons
Completely responsive pages
Charts & tables
Dark and light sidebar themes
Based on Veutify
Data Table
Widgets and UI components
Validation forms
Application Designs
Range Slider

  • - Main Menu
  • Dashboards
    • Analytical Dashboard
    • Ecommerce Dashboard
    • Modern Dashboard
  • Applications
    • Chat Application
    • Calendar
    • Ecommerce
    • Contact List
    • Contact Grid
    • Todo Applcation
  • UI Components
    • Alerts
    • Avatar
    • Badge
    • Banner
    • Appbar
    • Toolbar
    • Systembar
    • Bottom Navigation
    • Bottomsheet
    • Breadcrumb
    • Buttons
    • FAB
    • Cards
    • Carousel
    • Chips
    • Dialogs
    • Dividers
    • Expansion Panel
    • Footer
    • Overflow Buttons
    • Grids
    • Button Group
    • Rating
    • Snackbar
    • Steppers
    • Tabs
  • Charts
    • Apex Charts
  • Form Elements
    • Autocompletes
    • Combobox
    • File Inputs
    • Inputs
    • Overflow Buttons
    • Selection Controls
    • Selects
    • Sliders
    • Textareas
    • Textfields
  • Form Layouts
    • Form Action
    • Form Basic
    • Form Wizard
    • Form Horizontal
    • Form Validation
  • Widgets
    • Drag n Drop
    • Lists
  • Tables
    • Simple Tables
    • Datatable
    • Data iterators