Avada中文版主题是一个多功能wordpress主题,适用于企业站和相册站、博客站。设计简洁大方,非常适合喜欢简洁风格的企业使用,内建于 HTML5 和 CSS3 ,融入了许多设计思想,以及用心,尽力使其便于使用。Avada 具有强大的自定义选项。干净和时尚的设计使用主题适用于多种类型的站点:商业, 企业, 作品集, 产品等等。Avada 主题通过强大的版式,易用性和全面的用户体验,使得该 Avada 主题像一个艺术品。得力于智能化的管理面板,令主题能够快速,易于定义。Avada 具有许许多多超级特色如图层幻灯片、弹性 flex 幻灯片插件,无限色彩,无限作品集和侧边栏,自定义文章类型,超过 500 多个谷歌字体,11 个自定义小工具,许多短代码,4 种文章类型,多个作品集和博客选项,评价系统,SEO 优化,本地化支持。

avada_large_preview Avada 高级商业主题完全破解汉化版[5.8.2]

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wordpress-content-2 Avada 高级商业主题完全破解汉化版[5.8.2]



avada-registration Avada 高级商业主题完全破解汉化版[5.8.2]

avada_options Avada 高级商业主题完全破解汉化版[5.8.2]


fusion-builder-settings Avada 高级商业主题完全破解汉化版[5.8.2]

fusion-builder-element Avada 高级商业主题完全破解汉化版[5.8.2]

fusion-builder-editer Avada 高级商业主题完全破解汉化版[5.8.2]

fusion-white-label-branding-settings Avada 高级商业主题完全破解汉化版[5.8.2]

layerslider-setting Avada 高级商业主题完全破解汉化版[5.8.2]

layerslider Avada 高级商业主题完全破解汉化版[5.8.2]

revslider-setting Avada 高级商业主题完全破解汉化版[5.8.2]

revslider Avada 高级商业主题完全破解汉化版[5.8.2]

convert-plus Avada 高级商业主题完全破解汉化版[5.8.2]



- 修复:安全修复程序,以防止引导JS库中可能的XSS攻击
- 修复:仅包含IE / Edge中没有高度的背景图像的列
- 修复:使用WPML翻译库元素不起作用
- NEW: Single demo pages can now be imported by directly pasting the page URL in Fusion Builder demo library
- NEW: Preview images are now available for different image elements for easier re-ordering
- NEW: Added an option to set a form element border color when form element has focus
- NEW: Added form input validation indicators to the WooCommerce checkout page form
- NEW: Option to show events meta data below events content or to disable it (sidebar can now be removed)
- NEW: Added option to disabled WP's emoji script for better loading performance
- IMPROVEMENT: Font Awesome and responsive mode CSS is now added before custom CSS to compiled styles
- IMPROVEMENT: Removed IE9 support scripts and moved IE10 ones to plain CSS
- IMPROVEMENT: Deferred loading of CSS for several sections of the site (cummulative work in progress)
- IMPROVEMENT: Fusion Core's minified styles are now also added to compiled styles if database mode is chosen
- IMPROVEMENT: Changed a few gallery settings from buttons sets to drop-downs for better usability
- UPDATED: Font Awesome now is on version 5.7.1 offering 1500 icons
- FIXED: Some W3C validation errors
- FIXED: WooCommerce My Account drop-down menu closing when using login and selecting username
- FIXED: Padding of last menu item not always correct in flyout menu
- FIXED: Flyout menu item padding not working on mobile if a dedicated mobile menu is set
- FIXED: Image not being loaded in AMP version if lazy loading is enabled
- FIXED: Image lazy loading not being skipped on admin screens
- FIXED: Image lazy loading causing issues in LayerSlider and Slider Revolution
- FIXED: Events Calendar title bar not showing in some cases when using events shortcode
- FIXED: Lightbox auto play mode being initialized even if there is only one image
- FIXED: Image carousel element sharing ightbox gallery ID with gallery element
- FIXED: Image in a one column image carousel spanning to full available width
- FIXED: Added 2 missing WP core filters to our nav walker class
- FIXED: Link target attribute incorrectly added to related posts title link
- FIXED: PWA is not displaying the app icon when installing on iOS using Safari
- FIXED: Theme color support issue in the PWA
- FIXED: Google maps footer widget of construction demo not correctly imported
- FIXED: PHP warning of undefined index in class-fusion-images.php
- FIXED: Using query by reference in blog element causing PHP notice on WPE hosted sites



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