Spruha – Vue Admin Template

Spruha – Vue Admin Template
Spruha – Vue Admin Template
Spruha – Vue Admin Template
Spruha – Vue Admin Template
Spruha – Vue Admin Template
Spruha – Vue Admin Template
Spruha – Vue Admin Template
Spruha – Vue Admin Template

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Spruha – Vue Admin Template


Spruha – Vue and Vite Admin and Dashboard Template. This is the most developer friendly multipurpose use vue dashboard template.

We have designed this template by using Bootstrap 5. The template is developed with Vue JS and Vite and has features horizontal menu and LTR & RTL, light colors and dark colors.

A fully responsive, multipurpose and easy to use admin dashboard template, This vue admin dashboard template consists of 100+ Vue components and 40+ Vue plugins.

Moreover, we have included in this vue admin panel template several modern elements and more useful components that are useful for admins and dashboard templates.

We included various plugins that are useful for any vue admins and dashboard template purposes.

And this is an Fully responsive Vue Admin and Dashboard template and You can easily download and install based on documentation.

It has super clean and premium Vue and Bootstrap admin template.

This is vue Pre-built with Bootstrap-5 template design, designed with vertical & horizontal menu options and available in light and dark colors.

The vue dashboard is fully responsive using Bootstrap 5 admin dashboard design.is compatible with all major web browsers, iPhone, iPad, Tablets, and all other smart phones.

“This vue admin template was designed with vue-components, scss, css, and Bootstrap control panel. This template included several modern Vue plugins, including vue-good-table-next, vue3-carousel, vueform/multiselect, and vue3-highlightjs.”

It was a fully responsive admin dashboard template so that you can create easily Vue app and as well as you can develop your own customizable Vue projects and it will work on all type Of devices and all major web browsers which support.

We have designed best vue admin panel dashboard is by far the most cleanly coded dashboard template for developers.

It has a very clean, simple, and straightforward vue interface, as well as being fully responsive. It has various layout widths, positions, and modes, so you can easily design any vue application dashboard template by yourself.

Once you Purchase this vue admin template you will be enabled to get free download of all future updates. Lifetime FREE updates!

Vue Dashboard Template Features and most usable plugins

• Vue3
• no JQuery dependency
• vue-routing
• different layouts
• 12 different types of Icons
• 1 attractive vue map (vue3-openlayers)

• 3 attractive charts using Apex, Chartjs, Echarts
• RTL Support
• file Upload
• attractive gallery
• color variations (light and dark theme layouts)
• boxed style, fixed and scrollable features.
• color variations for menu and header ( light, dark and color)
• menu variations (horizontal(top) and vertical(side) menuitem)
• ck form editors
• carousel
• vue rating
• full calender
• color picker
• range slider
• date and month picker
• multicalender picker
• vue counter
• data table (vue-good-table-next)
• attractive wizard form (vue-form-wizard)

Integrated Plugins

• vue
• vue-router
• bootstrap

• vue-apexcharts
• vue-chartjs

• vue-color

• vue-easy-lightbox
• vue-filepond
• filePond
• vue-form-wizard

• vue-good-table-next
• vue-rate
• vue-sweetalert2
• vue-tel-input
• vue-toastification
• vue3-apexcharts
• vue3-autocounter

• vue3-carousel
• vue3-colorpicker

• vue3-echarts
• vue3-form-wizard

• vue3-highlights
• vue3-openlayers
• vue3-perfect-scrollbar
• vue-countdown
• ckeditor5-build-classic
• fullcalendar
• oysterlee/vue-color-picker
• tucy/vue3-color
• vueform/multiselect
• vue 3 Slider
• vuepic/vue-datepicker
• apexcharts
• chart.js
• CKEditor 5
• core -js
• echarts
• mosha-vue-toastify
• simplebar-vue3
• sweetalert2
• verte


• Vue V3.2.45
• vite V4.0.3
• Bootstrap V5.2.3
• Sass
• Gulp
• No-jquery Dependency

What do you get?

• CSS Files
• SCSS Files
• JS Files
• Vue Components Files
• Starter kit


This is a template only, which means that after purchase, you can customize the required functionality based on your specific requirements. However, it is important to note that sufficient expertise is necessary to use this item effectively, as the final template functions the same as the demo product.


SOURCES : All images are just used for DEMO Purpose Only. They are not part of the template and NOT included in the final purchase files.

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Spruha – Vue Admin Template

Spruha – Vue Admin Template