AYON – Multipurpose Responsive Prestashop Theme

AYON – Multipurpose Responsive Prestashop Theme AYON – Multipurpose Responsive Prestashop Theme

AYON is the Premium Prestashop theme, which have ready to use kit for perfect shop with advanced options, modules and easy to use admin interface. Attractive design, mobile adapted, multi-purpose.

AYON – Multipurpose Responsive Prestashop Theme

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AYON – Multipurpose Responsive Prestashop Theme


AYON – Multipurpose Responsive Prestashop Theme
AYON – Multipurpose Responsive Prestashop Theme
AYON – Multipurpose Responsive Prestashop Theme
AYON – Multipurpose Responsive Prestashop Theme

AYON – Multipurpose Responsive Prestashop Theme

AYON – Multipurpose Responsive Prestashop Theme
AYON – Multipurpose Responsive Prestashop Theme
AYON – Multipurpose Responsive Prestashop Theme
AYON – Multipurpose Responsive Prestashop Theme

AYON – Multipurpose Responsive Prestashop Theme

AYON – Multipurpose Responsive Prestashop Theme

AYON – Multipurpose Responsive Prestashop Theme

AYON – Multipurpose Responsive Prestashop Theme

AYON theme features:

  • 9 demos included in one purchase
  • Combine features from different demos
  • Responsive design
  • Unlimited Colors, premade Color Schemes, your own custom color schemes
  • Advanced Customizer module allows you to switch options in one click
  • Mega menu PRO module
  • Fullscreen responsive videos on product page
  • Dynamic banners with optional hover effects
  • Latest Revolution Slider with amazing Live Visual Editor and Unlimited Animations
  • Touch Friendly for all Mobile and Tablet devices
  • Interactive shop with draggable and touchable Product Sliders
  • Second Image of product on mouse over
  • 5+ Hover effects and 5+ product containers
  • 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 products per row
  • Countdowns for products with discount
  • SEO Friendly
  • Manufacturer name and logo on product page
  • New, Sale and Sold Out sticker for the convenience of customers
  • Ajax Live Search With Images of Products
  • Free 800+ Google Fonts that you can choose in Customizer module
  • Google Rich Snippets optimized
  • Helpful Support & Regular Updates

Note: All products in the live preview are DEMO products and have not real names, photos and prices. They are not included in theme archive, and are not available for the real sale.

Updates information

AYON Changelog: v.4.1 – 22 March 2023 – Current


– Wrong place of expand icon on 3rd level of categories block fixed

– Header icons click work after few clicks fixed

– MS Edge eye icon in password inputs fixed

– Inputs of credit card payment method fixed

– Force hide revolution slider on third-party pages of my account

– Material icons inclusion file fixed


– Add underline on sidebar search open focus

– Update documentation

AYON Changelog: v.4.0 – 3 March 2023


– New feature: Live change product per row on category page with customizable switcher

– New feature: Category page layout: Full width with horizontal filter

– New feature: Category page layout: Full width with hidden off side left column

– New product hover effects: Vertical icons and Full width button

– New option: Border radius of content through whole theme to make complete style

– New option: Different theme areas design from minimal to bordered

– New option: Product page attributes now available in 3 shapes: Circle/Rounded Rectange/Rectangle and 3 sizes: S/M/L

– New option: Product page attributes horizontal layout

– New option: Product page brand Image display layouts

– New option: Expand icons

– New widget: Roy Icon supports about 30 icons for info blocks

– New option: Hide tips from header icons on hover

– New option: Classic circle loader

– Remove SVG coded icons and switch to ayon icons font

– New overall design settings through theme

– Search quick results layout design improved

– Improve Reviews section design on product page

– Change password * font size bug in chrome to bigger one

– Search and Cart full width layout decprecated

– New Customizer back office design

– All logos upload at one tab

– New google fonts added to Customizer

– Remove some unnecessary code

– Redesign demos

– Prestashop 8 compatibility

– A lot of small design improvements


– Sticky add to cart button content overlap fixed

– Links list block shows in column even when empty fixed

– White color swatch border at all places fixed

– Countdown in quick view work fixed

– Category name display on mobiles fixed

– Optional checkboxes click area fixed

– Fixed a lot of deprecated jquery migrate notifications

New Versions of modules included:

– Revolution Slider

– Mega menu Pro

– Crazy Elements

v.3.2 – 17 January 2023

- Add availibility to add product to cart from quick view
- Add total reviews to quick view
- Add links hover animation to categories block
- New versions of modules included

- Fixed reviews display on product page and stars display bug
- Bug with header height after page reload fixed
- Wrong variable product thumbnails in the side cart and checkout summary fixed
- White color swatch border on product page fixed
- Image slider of quick view bug after change combination fixed
- Overlap category chevron in categories block fixed
- Installation archives fixed

v.3.1 – 25 March 2022

- Latest version of Crazy Elements module
- Remove Jquery sticky kit from theme and product page
- CSS sticky right column on product page
- Customizer: add option to show breadcrumbs inside page on all pages
- Applied discounts and current delivery prices now shows in side cart
- Design improvements

- PHP 7.4+ optimize: product page php notice fix
- PHP 7.4+ optimize: product tabs widget php notice fix
- PHP 7.4+ optimize: back office roycontent module notice fix
- PHP 7.4+ optimize: blog page notice fix
- Brands list in mega menu pro columns fix
- Double alerts on some account pages fix
- Increased product quantity per row on smaller screen width devices
- Fix Photoswipe images overlay bug
- Elementor content of Mercury, Neptune, Uranus demos improved
- Default sliders of Mercury, Neptune, Uranus, Venus demos improved
- Design fixes

v.3.0 – 25 Nov 2021

- CRAZY ELEMENTS - Elementor-like Page Builder implemented
- Redesign all 9 demos with elementor content
- PS support
- PHP 7.4 support
- Improve responsiveness of product lists
- Customizer: Add small spacing between products option
- Customizer: Add all borders thin 1px width style option
- Customizer: Add new product page layout option
- Customizer: Add product page sticky add to cart button on mobiles 
- Customizer: Add cart page sticky checkout button on mobiles
- Customizer: Add normal chevron icon for dropdowns option
- Customizer: Add disable Photoswipe on product page option
- Amazing Filter module compatibility
- Latest versions of all bundled third-party modules included
- Overall design changes: improve spacing, speed up animations and other

- Add to cart button click on product list fix on PS1.7.8+
- Delete from cart on cart page ajax fix
- Links list update module compatibility
- Search bar update module compatibility
- Translations of countdown, reviews
- 404 page elements alignment fix
- Slider controls even with 1 photo on product page fix
- Shopping cart and checkout process php 7.4 compatibility
- Customer templates update
- Roy Contactinfo module php 7.3+ compatibility fix
- Category image background size styles fix

v.2.6 – 10 Apr 2021

Revolution Slider 6 inside
Update flickity library

Customization fields in product - styles fixed
Favorites module translations fixed
Double alerts in account pages fixed

v.2.5 – 15 Feb 2021

Prestashop support
We now use default Product Comments module by Prestashop, read an !important file in updates/ folder for more info before update
Product tpl structured data improved
Product category structured data improved
Removed all SVG title tags
Removed double h1 on category page in some cases

Revolution Slider Ajax error on save fixed
Scroll to top after product category pagination fixed
Add to favorites double link on Prestsahop 1.7.7+ fixed
My Account page navigation links on Prestashop 1.7.7+ fixed
Password eye icon in checkout collapse section of click fixed
Filter price slider overlaps sticky header fixed
Customizer switch inner navigation tab on click on Prestsahop 1.7.7+ fixed
Neptune demo banners wrong position on new installation fixed
Customizer few empty values on new installation fixed
Some styles fixes

v.2.4 – 17 Jul 2020

New Product Filter mobile design
Categories block now shows on mobiles
Footer now sticks to bottom on low height pages
Phone icon added to contact page
GDPR checkbox support on newsletter, contact form, registration
Change product page left column to normal left column
Out of stock products moved to the end of list
Many styles improvements

Mobile header cart quantity live update fixed
Mobile cart now doesn't toggle cart animation on cart update
Mobile menu now doesn't scrikk site content
Out of stock button on product list fixed
Online only badge appearance fixed
Search tags URL problem fixed
Quick search on mobiles fixed
Display product page attributes from Customizer fixed
Display product page preorder message fixed
Roy Content TopPanel hook get back
Roy Specials support right column now
Other styles fixed

v.2.3 – 27 Oct 2019

Zoom by click on product images on product page
Container widths improved for all resolutions
Product page content 3 layouts
Product page design improvements
Add to cart button width + icon
Active link to reviews
Roy content - hide on desktop option
Link to product from side cart
Neptune and Comet demos design improvements

Bug with product quantity can’t change - fixed
Bug with tooltip after change combination not shows – fixed
Product page thumbnails in 1st layout not shows – fixed
Customizer section bg fixed
Mega menu content appearance delay fixed

v.2.2 – 02 Aug 2019

Price slider support for filter module
Prestashop support
Language / Currency selector header position
Language / Currency selector short mode
Cross-selling & Same category products per row
Show controls on mobiles
Product list – image border new option
Styles improvements

Cross-selling products slider on product page
Same category products slider on product page
Filter dropdown fix
Filter clear all button fix
Revolution slider 500 error on PHP7.2+ 

v.2.1 – 07 May 2019

3 New demos for Prestashop 1.7!
Mega menu mobile sublists work
Customizer: Sidebar blocks border ability
Customizer: Controls display options
Customizer: Homepage products no title layout
Customizer: Display of quick view and favorites
Google rich snippets for pp, category and home added
Customizer back office redesign

404 on quick search results fixed
Custom category 2 and 3 500 error fixed
Side Cart translations fixed
Roy Content top panel hook
Search page paddings
Favorite products mobile display
Right column mobile problem fixed
Cart close after cart actions
Checkbox checkout styles fixed
Transparent Second image on hover fixed
Product page thumbnails when 3 quantity fixed
Revolution slider positions
Product page product sliders undertitle
Other small fixes

v.2.0 – 25 February 2019

Ayon 2 for Prestashop 1.7 released!
New version main features:
6 new redesigned demos
New Mega Menu PRO module
New Simple Blog module
New scripts, new UI.

Version for Prestashop 1.6 without changes.

v.1.6 – 25 August 2018

Product sliders controls display fixed
Product page thumbnails controls fixed
Mobile product page with one image fixed
Roy Banners can't delete banner fixed
Bug with not move to top after pagination in Chrome fixed
Product list images load 3 images for second image fixed
Old price double stroke fixed
Switch images of combination when jqzoom enabled fixed
Fancybox wrong images when too much images of product fixed
Order history table colors fixed
Radio buttons and inputs of IOS Safari wrong display fixed
Blog home latest posts wrong slider display fixed
Undefined index of color_list fixed
Levibox module facebook wrong translation fixed
Quick view width on mobile fixed
Thumbnails as color group attributes fixed
Accessories slider on mobiles added

v.1.5 – 30 July 2017

New swipeable product slider on product page on mobiles
New Product page layout
Sticky right column on product page - reworked
New option to set position of Language and Currency choice out of account (by many requests)
New documentation for Mega Menu
Limit on products in cart block to display

Click on Account icon work fixed
Second image hover after filter fixed
Video on blog pages fixed
Color swatches on mobiles fixed
Header height in Microsoft Edge
Product page reviews trasnlations fixed
Little design fixes

v.1.4 – 26 April 2017

- New Guest Checkout for OPC
- 3 layouts of guest checkout
- Show / hide address fields
- Show only Guest checkout opportunity
- Color swatches added to category page.

- Back office icons in Customizer fixed
- Little fixes

v.1.3 – 21 March 2017

- Loading layouts
- Mercury demo redesigned
- Add to cart animation icon changed to current cart icon
- Fully responsive videos for product page
- 404 page design improved

- Ratings display on compare page fixed
- Bug in product list with old price when there is no old price fixed
- Little design fixes

v.1.2 – 23 February 2017

- New modern demo - VENUS
- Product page layouts for images, tabs, right column and quantity
- New footer layout
- New option - force fullscreen for all headers
- Product container layout now must set up for each block separately
- Same with spacing between products
- New option - underline on hover for menu and categories
- New options for category block
- Footer top border added to separate it from bottom section

- Wrong average rating on product page fixed
- Roy Banners doesn't import banners during installation of Uranus - fixed
- Breadcrumb appearance fixed
- Same category and Crossseling modules styles improved
- Little design fixes

v.1.1 – 11 January 2017

- New amazing digital demo - NEPTUNE!
- Product item border color on hover added
- Search screen - added smooth animation and styles improved
- Some new styles for 4, 5 and 6 headers
- 'Library' renamed to 'Documentation'

- Cart and account icons click on iOS - fixed
- Uranus wrong slider format during import - fixed
- Customizer can't disable loader - fixed
- Roy user info block translations fixed
- Full screen banners and mini products paddings fixed
- Banners of free sections on mobile view fixed
- 4, 5 and 6 headers styles fixed
- Home products titles - responsive styles fixed

v.1.0 – 24 November 2016

AYON Theme release!