MagPlus是一个Blog / Magazine / Newspaper WordPress主题,它为您提供了轻松编写和编辑文章所需的工具。 我们精心创建了主题,包括多个博客/杂志/报纸和专业 - 个人,专业,博主,社论等。 使用我们易于使用的一键导入功能,可以在几秒钟内导入任何示例演示站点。 我们提供有关本杂志WordPress主题各个方面的指南和视频。 此外,如果您需要进一步的帮助,我们的专业支持团队随时为您服务。

MagPlus 博客杂志WordPress主题破解版[3.1]

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MagPlus 博客杂志WordPress主题破解版[3.1]


MagPlus is a Blog / Magazine / Newspaper WordPress theme which gives you the tools you need to write and edit articles with ease. We carefully created the theme with multiple Blog/ Magazine / Newspaper niches and professions in mind – personal, professional, bloggers, editorial and more. Use our easy-to-use one click import feature to import any of the example demo sites in seconds. We provide guides and videos on every aspect of this Magazine WordPress Theme. Also, if you need further assistance, our dedicated support team is always there for you.


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