ICO Crypto – Multi-Purpose Landing Page HTML Template

ICO Crypto – Multi-Purpose Landing Page HTML Template ICO Crypto – Multi-Purpose Landing Page HTML Template

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ICO Crypto – Multi-Purpose Landing Page HTML Template


ICO Crypto is #1 Best selling landing page template for ICO / ICO Startup / ICO Token Sales / ICO Agencies and Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Investments company.

Meet the ICO Crypto – all time best-selling premium ICO Landing page, that perfectly fits for your ICO / Crowdsales or any type Crypto business. ICO Crypto specially designed for the Cryptocurrency Industry which is perfect for building a websites for ICO, ICO Lunching, Crowdsales, and Cryptocurrency Agencies.

Are you looking for template to build a website for a Cryptocurrency business that is launching an ICO? Also do you need a stylish and modern ICO Landing page design? Then ICO Crypto template should be best choice and saving you precious time and money as a developer, designer or website owner.

This ICO Crypto template come with more than 10 different version of ICO landing page layouts. With tons of unique design variation and all the necessary modules such as Token Distribution, Token Sale Countdown, Sales Progress Bar, Vendor, Partner, Subscribe Form, Contact Form, Roadmap, Timeline, FAQs, Teams and many more.

Every ICO needs a great website so that you can promote your cryptocurrency, that’s why we designed it with modern custom isometric illustration which makes website gorgeous and attractive.

ICO Crypto HTML Template is fully responsive, super flexible, powerful, clean and easily customize-able. Also it’s supports all kind of modern browser and device. In ICO Crypto template has very smooth animation which make your website more beautiful.

User Panel / User Center / User Dashboard for ICO Manage
(Included Free and You save 12$) See User Dashboard Demo

UserCenter or UserPanel or User Backend Dashboard most important part of ICO Token Sales management. For that reason Softnio team designed a very useful, clean and best User-panel or User-center.
(Caution: It’s just static template and not a functional system)

Note: This is NOT WordPress theme and you can not install into WordPress website as this is html template.

Please contact us via support tab, if you need any special feature that helps you to complete your website.

ICO Crypto – Multi-Purpose Landing Page HTML Template ICO Crypto – Multi-Purpose Landing Page HTML Template ICO Crypto – Multi-Purpose Landing Page HTML Template ICO Crypto – Multi-Purpose Landing Page HTML Template ICO Crypto – Multi-Purpose Landing Page HTML Template

ICO Crypto Template Features

  • 18+ Different Landing Page Layout
  • Full Animate and Non Animate version for Landing page
  • Multi-Color Build-in Preset
  • RTL Version Compatible (Hot)
  • Complete Blog Layout
  • Additional Pages (Login, Registration, 404 Not found)
  • Bootstrap v5 Framework
  • Valid HTML5 / CSS3
  • Nice Animation on scroll
  • Fully customizable
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Awesome Unique Look
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Working PHP Contact Form
  • Google font
  • Free quick support

ICO Crypto User Center Features

  • Complete User Panel or User Dashboard Design
  • Clean Dashboard for user
  • Modern Contribute/Buy Token page
  • Advance Transaction List Page with Lightbox Details
  • KYC/AML Form / Identity Verification Page for user
  • Security, User Account, Help, Faq, Activity, Login, Register style
  • Stylish and clean popup design

What do you get?

  • All HTML Template file
  • User Dashboard HTML File
  • Documentation File


We give support for all our items. We try to answer all questions within 24 hours in weekdays. Support requests receive during weekends or public holidays will be processed on next Monday or the next business day.

Sources and Credits

Images / Custom Illustration in the previews

Pexel, Illustration design by Softnio Team,


Poppins, FontAwesome, Themify Icon

JQuery Plugins (Javascript)

Easing, Magnific-Popup, jQuery Form, jQuery Validation, WayPoint, CountDown, Particles, Select2




Please note: All images are for preview purposes only and images cannot be supplied due to licensing reasons. Also all the Illustration graphics editable source/psd file not included.

Change Logs

22 Nov, 2022 – v2.1.0

+ Added new landing page called blockchain.
+ Added new landing page called NFT Portfolio.
!! Updated style and scripts where needed.

08 Mar, 2022 – v2.0.0

!+ Updated Bootstrap version to v5+.
!+ Updated HTML utility classes for Bootstrap v5.
!+ Fixed on scroll animation issue for few pages.
!+ Fixed dropdown overlap issue.
!+ Fixed responsive issue for subscription form.
!+ Fixed some minor issues in elements.

!! Stylesheet & JavaScript completely updated due to BS5 migration.

|  Caution: This is a major release as we have updated bootstrap version to v5.
|  If you upgrade older version to new version then everything will be broken.
|  You will need to update markup as per bootstrap migration guideline.

04 Feb, 2022 – v1.9.5

!+ Updated Bootstrap version to v4.6.1.
!+ Fixed some minor issues in elements.
!+ Fixed contact form mailing issue in last version.

21 Jan, 2022 – v1.9.4

!+ Fixed and updated missing assets from css file.
!+ Fixed on scroll animation issue for Gentian & Jasmine version.
!+ Fixed responsive issue for navigation.
!+ Fixed responsive issue for magnific popup.
!+ Fixed minor bug for RTL version.
!+ Fixed some other small issues.
!+ Updated FontAwesome fonts.
!- Removed IE-11 support.

05 May, 2021 – v1.9.3

!+ Updated and fix countdown timer.
!+ Updated jQuery version to latest.
!+ Updated other third-party js libraries to latest.

01 July, 2020 – v1.9.2

!+ Optimized all the images to improve loading site.
!+ Fixed missing image and shape image responsive issue.
!+ Fixed bootstrap proper js issues.
!! Updated related stylesheet.

02 Dec, 2019 – v1.9.1

@ New Landing page (Cyanus version) with 6 related page added.
@ 5 version of coming soon & error 404 page added. 
+ index-cynus-multi.html
+ index-cynus-multi-woa.html
+ page-about-v3.html
+ page-contact-v2.html
+ coming-soon-gentian.html
+ error-404-gentian.html
!! See full new file list on documentation.
!+ Stylesheet & JavaScript updated regarding new landing page.

14 Nov, 2019 – v1.9.0

@ 1 Landing page (@Crocus) version added.
@ 3 Other Pages Added (@about-v2 @wallet-v2 @download)
+ index-crocus-multi.html
+ index-crocus-multi-woa.html
+ page-about-v2.html
+ page-wallets-v2.html
+ page-download.html
! stylesheet & js updated regarding new page.

21 Oct, 2019 – v1.8.0

@ 2 Landing page (@Lumen & @Flax) version added
+ index-flax-wallet.html
+ index-flax-wallet-woa.html
+ index-linum-wallet.html
+ index-linum-wallet-woa.html
!+ Signup/Signin popup scrolling issues fixed.
! stylesheet & js updated regarding new page.

10 Oct, 2019 – v1.7.0

@ 12 old landing page re-code to make compatible with new version.
+ 68 New block design added for multi-purpose use.
+ New preset added for re-coded landing page.
+ Video background supported as banner or any block background (Youtube Only)
!+ Updated whole assets files including images, css and javascript.
!- Removed legacy version landing page folder (ico-crypto-landing-v1.4)
!! Caution: This is a major release as old template fully re-coded.

11 June, 2019 – v1.6.1

@ Multiple new block added in several section 
!+ Fixed popup video issues in Azalea version.
!+ Subscribe form connected with subscribe.php in form folder. 
!+ Updated block pages @banner @team @footer @faqs @roadmap @partners @token @features-panel @features-card @contact regarding new block/section adding. 
!+ stylesheet and javascripts updated regarding new changes.

16 Mar, 2019 – v1.6.0

@ 2 New Landing page (Azalea Dark & Azalea Multi) added
+ index-azalea.html
+ index-azalea-multi.html
+ index-azalea-woa.html
+ index-azalea-multi-woa.html
!+ Improve chat and carousel slider code. 
!+ SMTP mail config code added in new contact.php
!+ stylesheet and javascripts updated regarding new design.

09 Feb, 2019 – v1.5.0

! Release complete new version with full re-coded & mobile-first-approach.
! IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using any version that release before v1.4.3 then no need to take any action or update. Old version available separately.
@ See documentation for more details.

26 Oct, 2018 – v1.4.3

! Fixed copy to clipboard in @UserCenter
! Updated files under userpanel-html folder
@ See documentation for more details.

02 Sep, 2018 – v1.4.2

! Fix Nav link issues and upgrade Shape style in @zinnia version
! Fix Token Sales Page for @Dark, @Dark pro, @Azure
! Stylesheet updated regarding changes.

02 Sep, 2018 – v1.4.1

@ New Landing page (Zinnia version) Added
+ index-zinnia.html
+ index-zinnia-animate.html
+ index-zinnia-particle.html 
+ index-zinnia-particle-animate.html
!+ Team Bio (popup) and Contact form added in @Salvia
! stylesheet updated regarding new page.

20 Aug, 2018 – v1.4.0

@ New Landing page (Salvia version) Added
+ index-salvia.html
+ index-salvia-animate.html
+ index-salvia-particle.html 
+ index-salvia-particle-animate.html
! stylesheet updated regarding new page.

17 Aug, 2018 – v1.3.3

! Include User Panel / Dashboard for Free
! @lungwort html markup updated

12 July, 2018 – v1.3.2

! Fix particle issues (slow down in 27" iMac) 
! Some issues fixed in @mascari for 27" iMac (safari)
! @mascari and @lavender html markup updated

09 July, 2018 – v1.3.1

! Fix checkmark icon on roadmap
! Fix header overlap in jesmine
! Fix mobile menu for external link
! Improve some other small issues

28 June, 2018 – v1.3.0

@ 2 New Landing page (Lungwort & Jasmine version) Added
+ index-lungwort.html
+ index-lungwort-animate.html
+ index-lungwort-particle.html 
+ index-lungwort-particle-animate.html
+ index-jasmine.html
+ index-jasmine-animate.html
+ index-jasmine-particle.html 
+ index-jasmine-particle-animate.html
! stylesheet updated regarding new page.

13 June, 2018 – v1.2.4

@ New additional pages added
+ 404-azure.html
+ 404-dark.html
+ 404-light.html
+ login-dark.html
+ login-light.html
+ signup-azure.html
+ signup-dark.html
+ signup-lavender.html
+ signup-light.html
+ signup-lobelia.html
+ signup-muscari.html
! stylesheet updated regarding new page.

02 June, 2018 – v1.2.3

@ New Landing page (Lobelia version) Added
+ index-lobelia.html
+ index-lobelia-animate.html
+ index-lobelia-particle.html 
+ index-lobelia-particle-animate.html
! Updated Latest version of FontAwesome & Bootstrap
! stylesheet & JavaScript updated regarding new landing page.

06 May, 2018 – v1.2.2

@ New Landing page (Muscari version) Added
+ index-muscari.html
+ index-muscari-animate.html
+ index-muscari-particle.html
+ index-muscari-particle-animate.html
! stylesheet & JavaScript updated regarding new landing page.

28 Apr, 2018 – v1.2.1

+ fixed icon issues in lavender version.

24 Apr, 2018 – v1.2

@ New Landing page (Lavender) Added
+ index-lavender.html
+ index-lavender-animate.html
+ index-lavender-particle.html
+ index-lavender-particle-animate.html
! stylesheet & javascript updated regarding new landing page.

30 Mar, 2018 – v1.1.3

@ Add Dark Pro Landing page
+ index-dark-pro.html
+ index-dark-pro-animate.html
+ index-dark-pro-particle.html
+ index-dark-pro-particle-animate.html
+ index-dark-pro-tokensales.html
+ blog-archive-dark-pro.html
+ blog-single-dark-pro.html

@ Add Token sale progress bar
+ index-dark-tokensales.html
+ index-light-tokensales.html
+ index-azure-tokensales.html 
+ index-azure-light-pro-tokensales.html
! stylesheet updated regarding new page and features.

20 Mar, 2018 – v1.1.2

@ Blog layout add for both Azure version.
+ blog-archive-azure.html
+ blog-single-azure.html
+ blog-archive-azure-light-pro.html
+ blog-single-azure-light-pro.html
!+ stylesheet update regarding new features.

18 Mar, 2018 – v1.1.1

@ Blog layout and Full supports RTL mode.
+ blog-archive-dark.html
+ blog-single-dark.html
+ blog-archive-light.html
+ blog-single-light.html
+ rtl.css
!+ javascript and stylesheet update regarding new features.
@ Duplicate all the html files for RTL mode

14 Mar, 2018 – v1.1.0

@ New 2 Landing pages added. 
+  index-azure.html 
+ index-azure-animate.html
+ index-azure-particle.html
+ index-azure-particle-animate.html
+ index-azure-light-pro.html
+ index-azure-light-pro-animate.html
+ index-azure-light-pro-particle.html
+ index-azure-light-pro-particle-animate.html
!+ base stylesheet and javascript updated.

02 March, 2018 – v1.0.0

--- Initial Released ---