Magazine是一款传奇的杂志型主题,它简单易用。是一款简洁、时尚、专业的Wordpress主题,是适合新闻、杂志、个人博客、 娱乐 (电影、 音乐和摄影)等博客。

Magazine – We make you build an awesome magazine site and this magazine theme is very easy to setup. Magazine is a clean, stylish and professionally designed theme for anyone who wants to make great website or internet businesses. This theme is perfect choice for newspaper, magazine, editorial, personal blog, entertainment (movie, music and photography), and portfolio.

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Magazine 简单易用的WordPress杂志型主题[2.0]


Magazine 简单易用的WordPress杂志型主题[2.0]


1. How to setup the “Home 1” or “Home 2” like demo site? Please read this:
2. Why I don’t see any widget? Because you don’t install all plugin.
3. Default widget position for “Magazine” theme. Screenshot:
4. How to find my “Category ID” ? Please read this:
5. For more information, please read the documentation file in “Download” folder.

P.S. If you bought theme and don`t know how to set it up or how it works, please do not rate it by 1 star, but please create a new topic on support forum and our support team will solved all your problems in short times.

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Magazine 简单易用的WordPress杂志型主题[2.0]



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