QAEngine WordPress主题,是一个问答百科主题。 特点:自适应设计,点评问答,用户积分设置,前端模块,字体图标,提供演示和说明文档等。同时还提供各种默认网关,你可以轻松搭建一个付费问答站点。

WordPress主题QAEngine 问答百科/知识问答完全汉化版

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WordPress主题QAEngine 问答百科/知识问答完全汉化版



WordPress主题QAEngine 问答百科/知识问答完全汉化版


AUG 8, 2016 – VERSION 2.0.8

Poll is seamlessly displayed in the questions page whether you enable the “Infinite Scroll” mode or not
Resolve the filter issue in the search page
Voted polls are no longer shown in the “Unanswered” tab from this version
“Maximum length” works properly now when user uses input texts from the browser’s cache
Fix the responsive bug when you rotate the tablet
The “Filter bad words” now functions properly
You cannot enter the negative number & special character in the “Send Email From” field from now on
Notification is no longer displayed when you have already chosen the category
Poll question is seamlessly displayed in the search bar
UI of polls in the homepage & search page are identical
[Mobile] Poll is seamlessly searched on mobile
[Mobile] Correct the search category function


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