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RT-Theme 15 Premium WordPress Theme


RT-Theme 15 is a premium responsive WordPress theme with powerful CMS tools. You can use it for business, corporate, product catalog, services, or portfolio web sites. The product and portfolio tools also give you wide opportunities to use in various services as tour itineraries, rent a car, real estate or hotel room presentations.

Easy to Re-Brand

You can easily re-brand your theme by using the Typography and Styling options. Also you can select one of 4 premium skin options and create any background you want even use more than one image by randomized.

RT-Theme 15 Premium WordPress Theme

Responsive Layout

RT-Theme 15 is fully responsive which means it looks and works great with mobile devices as well.

RT-Theme 15 Premium WordPress Theme

Internationalized & Translation Ready

RT-Theme 15 Premium WordPress Theme You can use WPML plugin to publish multi-lingual websites or translate the theme into your language by using the included .po file.

Theme Features

  • WP 3 menus
  • Home Page Content and Layouts

    • Custom Home Page Posts
    • Widgetized Home Page
    • Supports Unlimited Boxes
    • Many Layout Possibilities
    • Supports Shortcodes and Featured Images
  • Home Page Slider

    • Add your slides with custom slider posts
    • Custom slider height options
    • Changable translation time and effect
  • Product Showcase (screenshots 1, 2)
    • Custom Product Posts
    • Tabbed Single Product Page
    • Show Related products
    • Add unlimited photo for single product
    • Supports custom sidebars
  • Product Slider Shortcode (version 1.6)
  • Portfolio Pages
    (1, 2)

    • Custom Portfolio Posts
    • Unlimited Layout Options
    • Supports image,video portfolio items
    • Grabs thumbnails from Vimeo and YouTube automatically
  • Custom Admin Panel
  • Highly Customizable
  • jQuery Improved
  • Valid Markup
  • Cross browser support
  • Included all psd’s (sliced)
  • Dummy Content included
  • Theme Update Notifier
  • RT-Theme 15 Premium WordPress Theme New Feature:
    “Remove Curves” option added to RT-Theme 15 Styling options. With this option you can have completely smooth version of this theme. Also, It’s available for the all four skins.(v1.1)


    Just purchased this theme and it is by far the cleanest and most organized theme i’ve ever used. I love the built-in shortcodes! Saves alot of my time

    GORGEOUS theme!!! Amazing work!

    a great theme, convenient admin panel

    Love your work. Bought this theme for our little techspace and implemented it in a few hours. Very easy to use & 5 stars from me.
    Now our little website looks a million times better than the default wordpress theme: http://gctechspace.org/

    I must say Tolga you did a great job on this theme. What a nice and beautiful design !! This really rocks!!!

    Hi, just wanted to say I love this theme! One of – if not THE best I have worked with.

    This theme is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for creating something that stands out from the crowd. I’m excited to design with it.

    Really love the theme – looks great and has been very easy to customize and fit to all my needs.
    - Billy_K

    It is my second RT theme. Easy to use. Nice looking. Fast. No useless plugins. Easy to configure. Thank you for your theme.
    - dmxerkan

    Love this theme and the support is absolutely fabulous! Thanks Tolga and team, keep up the great work!
    - LenBrady

    Just Purchased the theme, it installed perfectly and have had no issues with it what so ever, just checked out your forum as well and I am very impressed in the support you give, as yet don’t need it but nice to know its there if I do RT-Theme 15 Premium WordPress Theme)” title=” :)” /> Keep up the good work, this is the first theme I have bought of this designer but I will certainly buy more.
    - kpkrew

    I purchased this theme yesterday after trying a bunch of other ones that I purchased. Needless to say, this theme was perfect for my website that I am designing. Thank you for your support and for building such a customizable theme that will fit nearly anyone’s needs.

    Thanks again.

    - mcbaby1021

    The support provided is amazing. Also, my client said “I’m so happy I could cry” when her site was finished. Thank you Neo and gang for your amazing work.
    - TanyaVB


    Version 3.0.1  - November 13, 2020
    * Fixed: PHP Warning on the Product Options screen
    * Fixed: JS Warnings on the admin panel
    * Fixed: Google map visibility issue on the contact page 
    Version 3  - October 8, 2020
    * Improved: WordPress 5.5+ compatibility 
    * Improved: PHP 7+ compatibility 
    * Improved: Latest WordPress and Envato code standards have been applied 
    * Change: Home page functionality changed to adapt to WordPress standards. Please follow:
        * Step 1) Create a new page (i.e. Home) and select “Home Page” from the “Template” list under the “Page Attributes” pane. Screenshot: https://cl.ly/06ca27920aaa 
        * Step 2) Set the new page as your homepage via Settings / Reading.  ( Use the “A static page (select below)” option and select from the “Homepage” list  )
    * Fixed: Search results page 
    * Added: All custom posts, widgets, and shortcodes have been moved into the RT-Theme 15 Extensions plugin. Install and activate the plugin via Appearance / Install Plugin
    Version  - November 6, 2017 
    * Fixed: Featured image upload issue on product posts
    changed files;
    Version  - July 11, 2017
    * Fixed: Featured image upload & delete issue
    changed files;
    Version 2.5.6  - July 9, 2017
    * Added: New page templates for page builders. Select the page template called “Builder Template” or “Builder Page With Slider”  within the “Page Attributes” box to disable the page title,  breadcrumb menu and the search box for a page. 
    * Fixed: Breadcrumb error on sub categories 
    changed files;
    new files;
    Version 2.5.5  - March 20, 2017
    * Fixed:  WP Page titles and improved SEO plugin compatibility 
    * Added: A new template “Home Page”. Now it is possible to use any page with the home page layout.
    * Improved: Responsive logo
    * Fixed: Responsive images issue
    changed files;
    new file;
    Version 2.5.4 - April 29, 2016
    Fixed:  Tabs fixed  
    Improved: Sliders for optional title and text visibility 
    Improved: PHP 7 support
    Improved: WordPress 4.5 compatibility 
    changed files:
    [folder] /rt-framework/widgets/
    Version 2.5.3 - August 21, 2015
    Improved: WordPress 4.3 compatibility 
    changed files  [v 2.5.3]
    [folder] /rt-framework/widgets/ 
    Version 2.5.2  - June 19, 2015
    Fixed:  Search fields issues with WPML  
    Updated: PrettyPhoto v3.1.6 
    changed files  [v 2.5.2]
    Version 2.5.1  - February 17, 2015
    Recommended update for everyone. Includes a security fix and several code improvements
    changed files  [v 2.5.1]
    Version 2.5  - February 5, 2015
    Improved: WPML compatibility
    Fixed: Custom color issue with Nivo Slider on mobile devices
    Fixed: Password protected single product page issue 
    Fixed: Responsiveness issue with the images that added via the editor 
    Fixed: Slider shortcode when used in product content that has no tabs (chrome)
    Fixed: Responsiveness issue with the logo image
    Fixed: Missing words in the .po files for the comments section
    Version 2.4  - April 19, 2014
    Added: WordPress 3.9 support
    Fixed: "Sidebar for pages” widget area visibility issue
    Improved: Blog list and added “alt” description for the images
    Version 2.3  - Feb 25, 2014
    Fixed: WPML related issues fixed
    Improved: Wysija plugin compatibility
    Fixed: HTML validation issue
    Version 2.2 - August 8, 2013
    Improved: WordPress 3.6 compatibility
    Improved: WPML compatibility with the plugins latest version
    Improved: Resize image function improved
    Fixed: some styling issues on IE7
    Fixed: Contact us page translation issues with WPML
    Version 2.1 - April 24, 2013
    Fixed: Slider with static home page bug
    Fixed: Visibility issue of portfolio images with mobile phones
    Fixed: Miss-placed sidebar issue on Contact Us page
    Fixed: Product slider shortcode bug on home page
    Version 2.0 - April 12, 2013
    Added: Responsive layout option
    Added: New slider option; Flex Slider
    Added: New option added for the accordion shortcode to get the first one closed
    Added: Free code spaces added for head and footer in General Options
    Improved: Product shortcode
    Improved: Slider shortcode
    Improved: Page load time
    Improved: Shortcodes
    improved: scroller photo slider 
    Updated: Nivo slider updated with responsive version
    Updated: PrettyPhoto with it's the latest version and optimized for mobile devices
    Fixed: admin panel font selection bug fixed
    Fixed: duplicating content issue fixed 
    Fixed: Image resizing issue of WPMU (multisite) with WordPress 3.5.1
    Fixed: Button link edit issue fixed on the editor. 
    Dropped: WordPress 3.4 support.
    Please note, If you've upgraded from an earlier version, you need to select your slider again via Slider Options. 
    Version 1.9  - September 19, 2012
    Bug fixed: Product slider shortcode bug fixed
    Improved: CSS Improvements
    Improved: WP Menus, now users are able to change the menu names or assign their existing menus to the menu locations 
    Improved: Comment form
    Improved: CSS files  
    Version 1.8  - August 28, 2012
    Bug fixed: https:// bug
    improved: twitter widget, now shows older tweets
    Bug fixed: e-mail address bug on contact us page
    Bug fixed: Recent posts gallery styling issue fixed 
    Version 1.7  - June 19, 2012
    Fixed: pagination bug fixed for WP 3.4 
    Fixed: email icon link bug fixed 
    Fixed: Typo fix in the .po file
    Fixed: IE bug on product slider shortcode
    Improved: better plugin compatibility 
    Fixed: Slider show / hide bug that affects users who upgraded from the previous version of an RT-Theme
    Version 1.6  - April 19, 2012
    Added: Product slider shortcode. With this shortcode, products can be displayed as the slider or regular list on the home page, regular pages and posts.
    Added: Pinterest icon into social media options
    Improved: shortcode support improved on home page posts
    Improved: Image resize functions
    Fixed: iframe bug fixed on photo gallery shortcode
    Fixed: jquery easing bug fixed on cycle slider
    Version 1.5  - March 21, 2012
    Added: Close update notifications option to the General Options
    Added: Ability to add custom CSS codes via Styling Options
    Added: German translation file (de_DE.po/mo file) provided by Angelika Schönweger 
    Added: Polish translation file (pl_PL.po/mo file) provided by Maciek Fersten
    Improved: Selected fonts for menu
    Improved: Big product images now fits the page content area on single product pages.
    Version 1.4  - December 16, 2011
    Fixed: CSS conflicts on slider custom post types at admin panel (WordPress 3.3)
    Version 1.3 - December 14, 2011
    Added: Featured image option for pages
    Added: Child theme support 
    Added: WPML flags, bottom of the logo
    Improved: Portfolio thumbnails
    Improved: Big product images now fits the page content on single product page.
    Fixed: Extra gap issue, bottom of pages on Safari and Chrome  
    Fixed: Droid Serif font issue
    Version 1.2 - December 04, 2011
    Added: Nivo Slider option
    Added: 25 new Google fonts
    Added: Layered PSD file 
    Added: Dutch translation file by Paul Backus
    Fixed: Google+ icon link issue
    Fixed: Email icon link issue
    Fixed: Strong tag issue
    Fixed: extra gap issue where bottom of contents on Safari and Chrome 
    Fixed: Site name (text logo) color issue on custom main colors
    Included: missing wait.gif in /rt-framework/admin/images
    Improved: Twitter widget improved for the conflicts with JetPack's twitter widget. Please note: You will need to move your RT-Theme twitter widget, it's old place again when you update your theme.
    Improved: Translation files
    Improved: Option text fields supports HTML codes now.
    Version 1.1 - November 24, 2011
    New Feature: Remove Curves option added to styling options 
    New Feature: Attached documents option added to products
    Improved: Photo gallery shortcode now supports captions
    Improved: Google+ icon included into the social media icon list
    Fixed: Issue when using native WordPress backgrounds on red skin.
    Fixed: Padding issue on slider titles.
    Included: Turkish translation  (.mo/.po)
    Version 1.0
    Initial theme version.


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