Sugar Slider – Premium WordPress Slider Manager

Sugar Slider makes it as easy as it could possibly be to create gorgeous sliders for your WordPress powered site. Forget nasty custom fields and image URLs. You can even forget about manually resizing every image before you upload it.

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Sugar Slider – Premium WordPress Slider Manager


With a huge list of features, Sugar Slider is easily the most advanced and powerful slider manager for WordPress.

Create an unlimited number of sliders with customized settings for each one, and place them anywhere on your WordPress website with ease.

Sugar Slider is so packed full of features that you will never need another slider manager.

Main Features

  • Create an unlimited number of sliders
  • Customize settings for each individual slider
  • Insert sliders anywhere in your site, including posts, page, widgets, and more
  • Easily edit all sliders through a simple to use admin interface
  • Cross browser tested for:
    • IE 6 , 7, 8
    • Chrome
    • Sarfari
    • Firefox
    • Opera

Slider Features

All slider features can be set for each individual slider, so every single one can be unique!

  • Two kinds of sliders: default image slider and accordion style
  • Two skins for accordion sliders
  • Set exact dimensions in pixels for each slider
  • Choose from 6 unique transitions, or let the slider choose a random one for you
  • Limit the number of slides displayed
  • Specify the amount of time each slide is displayed
  • Set the animation, or transition, length in seconds
  • Set slide order with drag-and-drop interface
  • Randomize Slide Order
  • Enable / disable auto play
  • Choose whether to automatically scale images to slider dimensions
  • Enable / disable dot navigator (pagination)
  • Choose placement of dot navigation
    • Top Left
    • Top Center
    • Top Right
    • Above Left
    • Above Center
    • Above Right
    • Bottom Left
    • Bottom Center
    • Bottom Right
    • Below Left
    • Below Center
    • Below Right
  • Enable / disable Prev / Next buttons
  • Choose placement of prev/next links
    • Above
    • Middle
    • Below
  • Choose whether to animate captions
  • Place captions in one of four places:
    • Top
    • Left
    • Bottom
    • Right
  • Add / Delete sliders

Slide Features

Every slide within a slider has its own options.

  • Image URL , either from WordPress Media library or external source
  • Upload, edit, and insert images with built-in WP media manager
  • Enable / disable image link
  • Specify link URL for image
  • Enable / disable image caption
  • Custom caption text
  • Live slide preview
  • Add / delete slides

Other Features

  • Built in help documentation
  • Customize the Dot Navigator with 8 included themes
  • Choose the theme for the Prev/Next buttons from 4 included styles
  • Custom CSS entry for advanced users
  • Option to disable jQuery in case of theme conflicts

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Sugar Slider – Premium WordPress Slider Manager



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