URL Shortener是一款短网址源码程序,带有后台统计及管理。适合做网址缩短的应用,具有简洁的外观主题,皆有二维码扫描等功能。

Awesome URL Shortener application which comes packed with simplicity and features.

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Awesome URL Shortener 网址缩短程序[2.0]


Awesome URL Shortener 网址缩短程序[2.0]

(Admin Panel Demo: Available in next 48hrs )

Stats Page: http://mee.la/stats.php
Individual Url Stats: http://mee.la/stats/SHORTURLNAME

Features List

  • Splash Page
  • QR Code Share
  • Google Safe Browsing URL Scan
  • Custom Individual url Google Analytics
  • Advanced Stats
  • Upgrade notifications
  • Bootstrapped
  • Individual URL stats
  • Admin Panel Settings, Site Stats, Delete, Edit
  • Ajax Search
  • Social Share
  • Custom URL Names
  • Stats Page
  • Auto Copy Button
  • URL iFrame Bar Enable/Disable
  • Simple and easy to use developer API.

Some Sites that use the script: (If you would like your site to be mentioned here just leave a comment.)

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Awesome URL Shortener 网址缩短程序[2.0]



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