LayerSlider是一个高级的多功能动画平台。 可以使用LayerSlider创建具有令人叹为观止的效果的幻灯片放映和图像画廊,精美的动画着陆页和页面块,甚至是完整的网站。 每个网站都可以从此插件的功能中受益。

LayerSlider 高级幻灯片插件[6.10.0]

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LayerSlider 高级幻灯片插件[6.10.0]


LayerSlider is a premium multi-purpose animation platform. Slideshows & image galleries with mind-blowing effects, gorgeously animated landing pages & page blocks, or even a full website can be created using LayerSlider. Every website can benefit from the capabilities of this plugin.