Lifevent具有强大而现代的布局,这将是最杰出的主题,有助于将活动组织或网站扩展到令人敬畏的新水平。 Lifevent WordPress主题包含03个网站演示文稿,02个日程表类型,02个演讲者类型,这些模型对于会议,代表大会,会议,峰会,讲习班,委员会,理事会,会议,展览,音乐会, 体育赛事和许多其他活动。

Lifevent 会议WordPress主题[1.0.1]

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Lifevent 会议WordPress主题[1.0.1]


Lifevent  comes with a competent and modern layout that would be the most outstanding theme that helps extend the event organization or website to a new level of awesomeness. Lifevent WordPress Theme contains 03 website presentations and 02 schedule type, 02 speaker type, models that would make the perfect starting point for any organization and platform for conferences, congresses, meetings, summits, workshops, committees, councils, conclaves, exhibits, concerts, sporting events, and many other activities.