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StreamTube – Video Streaming WordPress Theme


Live Previews

  1. Fullwidth
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Demo Accounts

  1. Editor role: andrew/1234
  2. Author role: amanda/1234
  3. Subscriber role: baron/1234


StreamTube – Video Streaming WordPress Theme

Are you looking to share your favorite videos online, upload your own content to broadcast across the web, or build a video sharing and upload website with multiple authors? StreamTube has got you covered.

StreamTube is perfect for Vlogs, News, Gaming, Multi-author platforms, E-learning, E-commerce, Reviewing, and any type of video website. Its sleek design showcases your videos beautifully and comes with built-in features to make your website stand out and attract more traffic.

With the integration of CDN Stream and Cloudflare Stream APIs, uploading, processing, and delivering your videos has never been easier or more efficient. You’ll enjoy high speeds, multiple resolutions, and low costs. Check it out now!

  1. Demo Cloudflare Stream:
  2. Demo Bunny Stream:

StreamTube offers a variety of powerful features that can transform your WordPress website into a professional video platform, making it effortless to upload various types of videos to your site. The theme has a clean and responsive design that looks great on any device, from mobile phones to desktop computers.

As a sleek and business-oriented video WordPress theme, StreamTube is suitable for a range of uses, from bloggers and online video instructors to product marketers. With its built-in Google Analytics Reports, you can monitor your users’ engagement with your content and gain valuable insights on a daily and monthly basis. These reports provide valuable statistics and search results, helping you make informed decisions about your video website.

StreamTube – Video Streaming WordPress Theme

StreamTube – Video Streaming WordPress Theme

StreamTube – Video Streaming WordPress Theme

StreamTube – Video Streaming WordPress Theme

StreamTube – Video Streaming WordPress Theme

StreamTube is the solution for all your video encoding needs in WordPress. With its built-in Automatic Encode Video feature, it uses FFmpeg software to encode your videos into HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) format, enabling you to easily embed your videos on other websites just like how you would embed a YouTube video.

In addition, StreamTube makes it effortless to embed videos from other popular platforms such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and any other site that supports the oEmbed protocol or iframe code.

StreamTube also includes a user-friendly Front-End User Dashboard, allowing your members to manage their posts, comments, and profiles without having to access the WordPress backend.

And there’s even more! Get ready to take your video content to the next level with StreamTube.

StreamTube – Video Streaming WordPress Theme

Feature List

  1. Cloudflare Stream API ready

    1. Auto-sync your videos to the Cloudflare Stream service (Watch Videos)
    2. Live Stream
    3. Auto-generate video thumbnail image
    4. Auto-generate animation (gif) image
    5. Realtime video status detection, works in the background
    6. Auto-publish your uploads after encoding completed
    7. Automatically send a notification to the video author after encoding has been completed or has failed
    8. Auto-enable MP4 Download
  2. Stream API ready (Watch Videos)
    1. Automatically sync your videos with Stream service to deliver an unparalleled video experience to your users.
    2. Auto-generate video thumbnail image
    3. Auto-generate animation (webp) image
    4. Realtime video status detection, works in the background
    5. Auto-organize your uploads into Author name folders
    6. Auto-publish your uploads after encoding completed
    7. Automatically send a notification to the video author after encoding has been completed or has failed
    8. Auto-enable Original Download
  3. Fullwidth and Boxed Layouts
  4. 8 premade homepages
  5. 3 single video templates
  6. Bootstrap 5
  7. Video.js player
    Video.js is a modern video player for delivering high-performance video to browsers, it is a lightweight video player that uses the HTML5 Video tag, CSS3 transitions, it is designed for cross-browser compatibility on any device including the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
    1. Share Box
    2. Watermark
    3. Control bar Watermark
    4. Playback Bitrates
    5. VTT Subtitles (Text Tracks)
    6. Four Skins
    7. Quality Selector
    8. Hotkeys
    9. Right Click Blocker
    10. 360 Video
  8. Video Collections
    1. Custom Collections/Playlists (Demo videos)
    2. Watch Later
    3. History
  9. Auto Upnext
  10. Video Advertising
    Enable advertising on your video content, works on StreamTube’s built-in player, supports the VAST standard:
    1. Multiple VAST tags (Pre-roll, Mid-roll, Post-roll)
    2. Linear (video) ads
    3. Non linear VAST tags (banner images (gif/jpg/png))
    4. VPAID Ads.
    5. Google Ad Manager
    6. Google AdSense
    7. And Any VAST-compliant ad server
  11. URL Hashing
    Make your video website look more professional and trustworthy
  12. YouTube Importer
    Allows you to import YouTube videos with just a few clicks and provides several options for customization
  13. Member list
  14. Responsive Design
    Fully responsive and beautifully designed
  15. Post Review
    Built-in Review System with unlimited criteria (Demo)
  16. Embed Videos
    Easily embed youtube videos and other video websites such as Vimeo, Dailymotion
  17. Self Hosted Video Files supported
    Allows your users the ability to upload their own video files.
  18. Automatic Video Thumbnails
    Automatic generate video thumbnail image, supports Youtube, Vimeo and Self-Hosted video files.
  19. Automatic Video Transcoding
    Automatic transcode your video files to HLS format using FFmpeg
  20. Video Watermark
  21. Video Encryption
  22. Automatic Video Chapters and Timestamps
    Auto-generates video chapters based on timestamps recognized in post content, similar to YouTube.
  23. Embedding Privacy
    The Embedding Privacy feature prevents unauthorized video embedding, and allows you to block or allow specific domains. Keep your video content secure and exclusively on your website
  24. Front End Posting
  25. Front End User Dashboard
    Allows your users the ability to manage their videos and comments as well as update their profiles.
  26. Custom Avatar
    Allow users to upload their own avatar
  27. Custom Profile Photo
    Allows users to upload their own profile photo
  28. Beautiful User Profile
  29. User Following
    allows users to follow each other.
  30. Post Like Button
    easily allow your members to like videos and manage their liked videos.
  31. AJAX Comment System
    StreamTube supports AJAX loading of comment sections making it’s a very modern and unique WordPress theme, let your members leave comments while watching the video.
  32. Infinite Loading
  33. Search Autocomplete
  34. Dark/Light mode
    Easily turn on dark or light mode.
  35. Eye Catching Slider
  36. RTL Ready
    Designed with RTL languages support.
  37. Elementor Page Builder
    With StreamTube you can build perfect page layouts with Elementor, the popular drag-and-drop page builder plugin for WordPress.
  38. Woocommerce Ready
    Enable the ability to manage Orders, Downloads and Addresses on the user dashboard page.

    1. Sell Video Content
      Sell your video content effortlessly with Woocommerce. This robust e-commerce platform seamlessly integrates with your website, enabling you to offer access to your video content to your audience directly via Woocommerce gateways.
  39. bbPress Ready
  40. Paid Memberships Pro Ready
  41. Google Site Kit Reports
    Enable reports for user dashboard, GA4 and Google Analytics Data API are supported.
  42. Post Locations
    1. Google Map – Geocoding API
    2. Open Street Map – Geocoding API
  43. Content Restriction
    Enable the ability to set which user type can view video content.
  44. myCred Ready
    Enable the ability to sell video content and earn commission.

    1. buyCred
    2. cashCred
    3. Donation
    4. Sell Video Content
    5. Withdraw
    6. Transactions
  45. Live Chat With Better Messages
    A real-time private messaging system.
  46. Nextend Social Login and Register plugin compatibility.
  47. Real Cookie Banner plugin Ready
    Real Cookie Banner is a plugin that helps website owners comply with GDPR and ePrivacy regulations by displaying a customizable cookie consent banner.
  48. Translation Ready
  49. W3C Validation
    The W3C organization determines whether a site is in compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. We have been reviewed and validated as being in compliance with this standard.
  50. Clean Code
  51. Child Theme Included
  52. One Click Demo Import
    Just with one click import the demo content. That’s all you have to do to have a StreamTube theme up and running with your content in less than 2 minutes.
  53. One Click Theme Update
    Auto update using your personal access token and purchase code
  54. Outstanding Support

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Source And Credits

We have used the following open-source projects or other files as listed.

  1. Slick
  2. VideoJS
  3. Cropperjs
  4. jquery.scrollIntoView
  5. Font Tello
  6. Bootstrap

We have used the following images for our demo site with the kind permission of:

  1. SalvadorTrakal
  2. Toby Lewin
  3. Juhupainting
  4. Antimingebag


Don’t use nulled StreamTube theme – it’s illegal, dangerous, and may contain malware. Buy the original version from Themeforest for safety, stability, and official support.


  1. How to update the theme?
  2. How to update all required plugins?


29 May 2023 – Version 2.5.8

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.7.27
Fixed: 360 video projection on iOS devices.
Fixed: Minor CSS

27 May 2023 – Version 2.5.7

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.7.25
Updated: Webxr library
Added: [embed_media] shortcode, e.g:
Fixed: Playinline on iOS devices
Fixed: Minor CSS and JS Fix

19 May 2023

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.7.22
Added "no_advertisements" capability.
Fixed: User Home tab columns.

17 May 2023

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.7.20
Fixed: Better Messages error message handler

12 May 2023

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.7.19
Fixed: Responsive Columns
Improved: Chapter List

07 May 2023

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.7.17
Fixed: The Chapter button was not working on mobile devices.

21 April 2023

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.7.16
Updated: WP Cloudflare Stream 2.7.16
Fixed: Error while importing an external source.

16 April 2023

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.7.15
Added: Default Subtitle option in Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > Player section.
Fixed: WP Error handler.

8 April 2023

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.7.13
Fixed: Auto-generating Bunny video thumbnail image.

7 April 2023 – Version 2.5.4

Improved the auto-update feature to resolve issues with reaching the Envato API download limit.

6 April 2023 – Version 2.5.3

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.7.12
Updated: WP Video Encoder 1.1.30
Updated: POT language files.
Added: a Term Menu that appears on Video Archive Pages. This can be found in Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > Term Menu, and also as a Term Menu Elementor widget.
Added: an option to apply portrait template for specific terms, as well as an option to detect portrait aspect ratios automatically.
Added: an option to enforce applying custom global templates
Added: an option to allow verified users to upload/embed videos.
Added: an option to show posts from verified users only.
Added: a Short tab, User Profile > Shorts tab.
Added: Auto-send private message through BP Message after a post has been moderated.
Improved: Single Video Template 3.
Fixed: PHP 8.0 compatibility.
Fixed: Better Messages error message, 
Fixed: Widget sliding, 
Fixed: The Encode button.
Fixed: Misspelled text-domain
Fixed: Major CSS and JS fix

26 February 2023 – Version 2.5.2

Updated: StreamTube Core Version 2.7.7
Updated: WP Cloudflare Stream Version 1.0.22
Updated: WP Post Like Version 1.4.25
Updated: WP Video Encoder Version 1.1.22
Added: 360/VR Video support
Fixed: Compatibility issues with WP Menu Icons 3.x

23 February 2023 – Version 2.5.1

Updated: StreamTube Core Version 2.7.5
Updated: WP Post Like to Version 1.4.21
- Option to reset post likes
Updated: POT language files
Added: Header cart button and a cart bubble on small devices
Added: Option to retrieve posts from verified users only
Added: myCred - an option to allow only verified users to sell content
Added: Compatibility with the Real Cookie Banner: GDPR (DSGVO) & ePrivacy Cookie Consent plugin
Added: Option to prevent people from embedding videos with allowed and blocked domains
- Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > Embedding
Added: Woocommerce - Sell Content box now appears on the Frontend form
Improved: Enhanced coding for PMP, myCred, Content Restriction, and Woocommerce Sell Content features.
Fixed: Major CSS and JS fix

15 February 2023 – Version 2.5

Updated: StreamTube Core Version 2.7
Updated: WP Cloudflare Stream Version 1.0.20
Updated: WP Hash Post Slug Version 1.8
Updated: WP Post Like to Version 1.4.20
Updated: WP Video Encoder Version 1.1.20
Updated: Documentation
Updated: POT language files
Added: Ability to Sell Video Content with WooCommerce (see documentation:
Added: Tabs for Purchased Products, Liked Products, and Purchased Videos
Added: Video Chapters/Timestamps (see documentation:
Added: [chapters] shortcode
Added: Chapters for VideoJS player
Added: YouTube Importer - Support importing videos from playlists
Added: Option to disable right-click for VideoJS player
Added: Auto-conversion of YouTube videos to VideoJS player
Added: Cloudflare Stream Download Video functionality
Added: An option to display Live Stream HLS playback URL
Added: Footer Sidebar 1 Column
Improved: Page Load
Fixed: Bunny Download Video functionality
Fixed: Download button permission issue
Fixed: Resolve Conflict between Better Messages and Bunny Stream
Fixed: Major CSS and JS fix

21 January 2023 – Version 2.4.11

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.6.18
Updated: WP Hash Post Slug 1.7
Updated: WP Cloudflare Stream 1.0.12
Updated: POT language file
Improved: Page Load for Cloudflare Live Streaming
Fixed: Bunny Stream
Fixed: Minor CSS and JS Fix

19 January 2023 – Version 2.4.10

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.6.15
Updated: WP Video Encoder 1.1.18
Added: myCred Sell Content Box for normal posts
Added: Auto Tag-Suggestion
Added: Video Tag Thumbnail
Added: Video Tag for [StreamTube] Taxonomy Term Grid Widget
Updated: Video.js 7.21.1
Fixed: Minor CSS and JS Fix

10 January 2023 – Version 2.4.9

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.6.12
Fixed: Elementor 3.10.x compatibility
Fixed: Elementor deprecated functions
Fixed: Custom Template Metabox
Fixed: Minor CSS and JS Fix

8 January 2023

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.6.11
- Fixed: Featured Image 2
Updated: WP Video Encoder 1.1.17
- Added: Options for adjusting watermark size

5 January 2023

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.6.9
Updated: WP Video Encoder 1.1.15
- Added: Custom Watermark
- Fixed: Animated Image Aspect Ratio

16 December 2022 – Version 2.4.8

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.6.8
Added: Post Password Protected field
Added: Ability to allow downloading Bunny Videos If the "Keep Original Files" option is enabled.
Fixed: Better Messages 2.0.7x compatibility
Fixed: Minor CSS and JS Fix

12 December 2022 – Version 2.4.7

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.6.6
Updated: WP Post Like 1.4.10
Updated: WP Video Encoder 1.1.10
Added: Paid Memberships Pro - Invite Only Add-On compatibility
Fixed: Better Messages 2.x compatibility
Fixed: Sitekit Dashboard
Fixed: Player Password Protected
Fixed: Like and Dislike buttons weren't working on iOS.
Fixed: Minor CSS and JS Fix

16 November 2022 – Version 2.4.5

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.6.3
Updated: WP Post Like 1.4.9
Added: Sort by Likes option.
Fixed: Like and Dislike buttons didn't work on the Safari browser
Fixed: Private Message button
Fixed: Minor CSS and JS Fix

07 November 2022 – Version

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.6.2
Updated: WP Cloudflare Stream 1.0.9
Updated: WP Post Like 1.4.7
Updated: WP Video Encoder 1.1.9
Added: Upload Audio is supported
Added: An option to enable the Donate button for verified users only
Added: Report Comment at Customize > Theme Options > Comment section
Added: Edit Comment at Customize > Theme Options > Comment section
Added: Delete Comment at Customize > Theme Options > Comment section
Added: Custom Login Page option at Customize > Theme Options > Misc section
Added: Custom Register Page option at Customize > Theme Options > Misc section
Added: Hide Admin Bar option at Customize > Theme Options > Misc section
Added: Block Admin Access option at Customize > Theme Options > Misc section
Fixed: Bunny Stream
Fixed: Upload Form
Fixed: Minor CSS and JS Fix

29 October 2022 – Version 2.4.4

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.5.8
Updated: WP Post Like 1.4.6
Added: Search Autocomplete
Added: Video Trailer
Fixed: [StreamTube] Playlist Content Widget.
Fixed: RTL
Fixed: Minor CSS Fix

22 October 2022 – Version 2.4.2

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.5.5
Added: An option to show follower count in the [StreamTube] User List widget.
Added: Page Image Fullwidth Template
Added: WPForms and Contact Form 7 CSS compatibility
Fixed: RTL CSS

20 October 2022 – Version 2.4.1

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.5.4
Updated: WP Post Like 1.4.5
Added: Featured sidebar, appears on the Blog page.
Fixed: Page Views were not showing
Fixed: Minor CSS and JS Fix

18 October 2022 – Version 2.4

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.5.3
Updated: WP Hash Post Slug 1.1
- Hash everything including Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies
Updated: WP Post Like 1.4.4
Updated: WP User Follow 1.3
Added: Video Collections (Custom Playlist/Watch Later/History)
Added: Player Playlist, for instance,
Improved: VideoJS Player
Added: [StreamTube] Playlist Content Widget
Added: Add Blog Default Thumbnail Size option: Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > Blog > Default Thumbnail Size
Added: Edit Source field on frontend form.
Added: Settings dropdown menu
Added: Video Gutenberg Editor option: Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > Misc
Added: Like and Dislike button on the single blog post
Added: Next and Previous Navigation
Added: Turn Off/On Light
Added: Login modal
Added: User Profile Home Page
Fixed: Major CSS and JS Fix
NOTE: After updating the theme and all required plugins, navigate to Settings > Permalinks and click the Save Changes button.

21 September 2022 – Version

Added: WP Hash Post Slug plugin 1.0.0, hashing video slug like YouTube, set up at Appearance > Customize > WP Hash Post Slug section.
Updated: StreamTube Core 2.4.3
Added: Custom Video, Video Category and Video Tag slug options, set up at Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > Slug section.
Fixed: iPhone and iPad Fullscreen
Fixed: Minor CSS Fix

19 September 2022 – Version 2.3.4

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.4
Updated: WP Cloudflare Stream 1.0.6
Updated: WP Post Like 1.4.1
Updated: WP Video Encoder 1.1.7
Added: Subtitles (Text Tracks)
Added: Alternative Video Sources, beside the main video source, this feature allows you to add unlimited Alternative Video Sources. 
Added: Custom Playback Rates
Added: Load the PMP Membership Levels and myCred Sell Content widgets after the video got uploaded successfully.
Added: Custom Skin CSS field, let you add your own custom CSS for player skin.
Added: Custom player language.
Added: Enable the ability to load the existing videos of the VideoTube theme.
Fixed: Generating Bunny Stream images.
Improved: Page Load Speed and many things.
Fixed: Minor CSS and JS fix

08 September 2022

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.3.4
- Bunny Stream: "Allow Formats" option.
Updated: WP Cloudflare Stream 1.0.4
- "Allow Formats" option.
Added: WP Post Location plugin 1.0.0 - allows you to set post location with Google Map or Open Street Map.
Added: [WP Post Location] Post Location Widget
Added: [WP Post Location] Post Location Elementor Widget
- Google Map Javascript API
- Open Street Map API
- Documented at
- Demo
Fixed: User verification badge
06 September 2022 - Version 2.3.3
Updated: StreamTube Core 2.3.2
Updated: WP Video Encoder 1.1.6
Updated: WP Cloudflare Stream 1.0.3
Fixed: Error while closing Live Stream
Fixed: Minor CSS and JS fix

26 Aug 22 – Version 2.3.2

Fixed: Thumbnail Image Size, improve page loading speed.
Updated: WP Video Encoder 1.1.5
- Fixed: Incorrect Resolutions while encoding file.

13 Aug 22 – Version 2.3.1

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.3.1
New: WP Cloudflare Stream plugin 1.0.1
- Cloudflare Stream API is ready, documented at
- Live Stream is ready
Added: [StreamTube] Recorded Videos Widget, shows recorded videos of current Live Stream, requires WP Cloudflare Stream enabled.
Added: An option for collapsing the Floating Sidebar at Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > General section
Fixed: Minor CSS and JS fix

30 July 22

Updated: StreamTube Core plugin 2.2.4
Fixed: Bunny CDN Stream API: Auto detect video status without setting up Webhook
Updated: WP Video Encoder plugin 1.1.4
Fixed: Auto-generate Video Gif image if WebP image is unsupported.

14 July 22 – Version 2.2.1

Updated: StreamTube Core plugin 2.2.1
Added: [StreamTube] Taxonomy Term Grid Widget
Added: Taxonomy Term Grid Elementor Block
Added: [term_grid] Shortcode
Added: Add Thumbnail Image field for default Category and Video Category taxonomies.
Added: Report Video, let user report videos, the option can be found at Appearance > Customize > Theme Options > Single Template section
Added: User Social Profiles, users can add their social profiles from Dashboard > Settings > Social Profiles tab.
Fixed: Minor CSS and JS fix

11 July 22 – Version 2.2

Updated: StreamTube Core plugin 2.2
Added: Paid Memberships Pro compatibility
Added: Loading Google Fonts locally
Fixed: YouTube Importer
Fixed: Minor CSS fix

05 July 22 – Version 2.1.6

Updated: StreamTube Core plugin 2.1.12
Updated: Demo Content Files

03 July 22 – Version 2.1.5

Updated: StreamTube Core plugin 2.1.11
Added: Disable Login button option
Fixed: [StreamTube] Comments Template widget.
Fixed: Minor CSS fix

02 July 22 – Version 2.1.4

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.1.10
Added: Player Loop option
Fixed: Minor CSS fix

28 June 22 – Version 2.1.2

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.1.7
Added: Live Chat, documented at
Added: Search Form: Search Taxonomy dropdown
Added: Choose Role, First Name and Last Name options in the registration form
Added: [StreamTube] Live Chat Room widget
Added: [StreamTube] Comments Template widget
Fixed: CSS and JS fix
Updated: Documentation

14 June 22

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.1.4
- BunnyCDN Fixed: Upload Log
- BunnyCDN Fixed: Adding User Collection while uploading

10 June 22

Updated: StreamTube Core 2.1.1
- Stream API is supported, auto-sync your videos to Bunny CDN Stream, read the documentation for setting up
- Stream Webhook is supported
- Syncing Log: allow you to track how uploads are processing
Added: Task Spooler page which you can track how syncing jobs are going.
Updated: Documentation

26 May 22 – Version 2.0

Added: Video Advertising
Added: YouTube Importer
Added User Verification Badge
Added: Like and Dislike buttons
Added: Player Hotkeys
Added: Player Landscape Fullscreen
Added: Limit Taxonomy Terms (Tags and Categories) While Submitting Post
Added: Tiktik and Discord Icons
Added: Search Users options.
Added: Video Categories Widget
Updated: User Dashboard With Google Analytics 4 and Google Analytics Data API (GA4)
Updated: Documentation
Fixed: Minor CSS and JS fix
Improved: Many Things

17 Mar 22 – Version 1.2.1

Fixed: Footer Social Icons

09 Mar 22 – Version 1.2

Fixed: bbPress styles
Updated: WP Video Encoder 1.1.2

06 Mar 22 – Version 1.1.9

Fixed: Search Results page, added post type tabs.
Fixed: Player.
Fixed: minor CSS and JS fix: bbPress, Social Login, Dark, Light modes ...
New: Nextend Social Login and Register plugin compatibility

04 Mar 22 – Version

Added: Full Video Permalink on Share Box option.
Fixed: minor CSS and JS fix

02 Mar 22 – Version 1.1.7

Added: Better Messages plugin compatible
Added: Dashboard Inbox page.
Added: Dashboard menu item badges.
Added: Video Download option at Theme Options > Misc section.
Fixed: Inbox fields dark template.
Fixed: Video Length
Fixed: Theme Auto-Update feature.
Updated: StreamTube Core 1.1.7
Updated: WP User Follow 1.2
Fixed: minor CSS and JS fix

21 Feb 22 – Version 1.1.2

Fixed: Video Embed issue.
Fixed: Google Ads Overlapping

18 Feb 22 – Version 1.1

Updated: StreamTube Core 1.1
Added: myCRED: Dashboard Transactions page.
Added: myCRED: Donation
Added: myCRED: Buy Points element
Added: myCRED: Sell Video Content
Added: Content Restriction, enable the ability for restricting video content for visitors, logged-in users, custom roles and custom capabilities with AND|OR operators.
Added: Player Autoplay, mute options
Added: Auto load Video.JS player for default WP video shortcode and gutenberg video blocks.
Added: Play external HLS video.
Added: More socials for footer icons.

Updated: WP Video Encoder 1.1
Added: HLS Encryption option, enable the ability for encrypting uploaded videos.
Added: Site Health info, enable the ability for debugging your copy of FFmpeg settings.

Updated: PO Language file
Updated: Documentation
Fixed: minor CSS and JS fix

01 Feb 22 – Version 1.0.9

Updated: StreamTube Core
Updated: WP Video Encoder
- Added 1920x1080 (HD 1080), 2560x1440 (HD 1440) and 3840x2160 (4K) resolution options.
Added: Edit Post Slug field, allows the user to update the post slug from the frontend form.
Fixed: Google Site Kit Reports, works faster and better.
Fixed: minor CSS and JS fix

26 January 22 – Version

Fixed: post views
Added: post views for blog posts.

22 Jan 2022 – Version 1.0.8

Updated: StreamTube Core 1.0.8
Updated: WP Video Encoder
Updated: POT language file.
Updated: Documentation
Added: Website name and admin address in the email header of notification.
Added: more options for the encoder.
Fixed: Auto Publish Video feature
Fixed: Menu Item HTML tag.
Added: Auto delete attached files after video is deleted.
Added: Google Sitekit Reports: track pageViews, videoViews.
Added: Options for disabling User Dashboard and User Profile pages
Added: Options for editing comments from Frontend Dashboard.
Added: Last Seen feature
Added: Views count for admin video table
Added: Views count for frontend video table
Fixed: Widget Pagination
Fixed: minor CSS and JS fix.

27 December 2021 – Version 1.0.7

Added: Rest API v1
Updated: WP Post Like 1.0.2
Updated: WP User Follow 1.0.3
Updated: WP Video Encoder 1.0.7
Updated: StreamTube Core 1.0.7:
- Fixed Pagination
- Fixed Upload User Avatar Orientation
- Fixed Auto-generate vimeo thumbnail image.
Fixed: minor CSS and JS fix.

22 December 2021 – Version 1.0.6

Fixed: Comment read more background
Fixed: StreamTube Core: Woocommerce widgets on the dashboard.
Fixed: Update video length on uploading chunks.
Fixed: Retrieve wrong theme slug in Update feature
Fixed: User profile menu
Fixed: Review plugin.
Added: Custom Upload or Auto-Generate Animation (web) image, auto show animation image on hovering thumbnail image.
Improved: Generate thumbnail image from self-hosted file and embed URL
Added: HLS Video quality selector
Added: Playlist reloader
Added: Player Skins: City, Forest, Fantasy and Sea.
Updated: StreamTube Core 1.0.6
Updated: WP Video Encoder 1.0.6: more options and more features
Updated: WP Easy Review 1.4.1
Fixed: minor CSS and JS fix.

15 December 2021 – Version 1.0.5

Added: Woocommerce compatibility, members can manage their orders, downloads and addresses from their dashboard instead of the default Woocommerce pages.
Added: BBpress compatibility
Added: drag and drop upload, big file upload.
Added: Auto-update using purchase code and personal access token
Added: Post types search selection
Updated: StreamTube Core plugin 1.0.5
Updated: WP Video Encoder plugin 1.0.4
Updated: WP User Follow plugin 1.0.2
Updated: WP Post Like plugin 1.0.1
Updated: WP Easy Review plugin 1.4
Fixed: minor CSS and JS fix.

29 November 2021 – Version 1.0.4

Fixed: Auto-generate video image on the backend.
Updated: StreamTube Core plugin version 1.0.2

25 November 2021 – Version 1.0.3

Added: Google Interactive Media Ads, the player supports google ads: pre-roll, mid-roll ...
Updated: Widget masonry for user dashboard page.
Fixed: load external video URL.
Fixed: video embed responsive.

02 November 2021 – Version 1.0.0

Initial version