VG Rossi是一个简洁的响应式WooCommerce商城Wordpress商业主题,能快速帮你建立完美的在线商店,适合各类在线商城类博客使用。

VG Rossi– 响应式在线商城类WooCommerce WordPress主题[1.7]

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VG Rossi– 响应式在线商城类WooCommerce WordPress主题[1.7]


VG Rossi is a clean and responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme which perfectly fits for your online sport stores. This is done with the help of one of the most popular eCommerce solution – WooCommerce plugin (Launched on September 27, 2011, the plugin quickly became famous for its simplicity to install and customisation and being free in nature). We could say that their newest release, which is featured on this theme as well, is simply awesome. Here are some features of this theme: Fully Responsive Design, Bootstrap 3 inside, 3 Predefined Theme Layouts (+3 New Theme Box Layouts), 16 Background Color, 31 Background Images and 4 Presets Options, Product Quick View, Product Tabs Slider, Product Compare, Ajax Shopping Cart, Ajax Wishlist…
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