Visual Composer WordPress插件,是一款可视化页面搭建插件,它让普通人无需编程和熟悉简码即可搭建各种布局和内容的页面,直观的拖放界面直接拖放列和内容到页面,支持第三方开发者扩展,本地化支持,本站已经汉化包含简体中文包,可以复制保存为模板再次使用,自适应,支持不同角色的权限使用控制,支持自定义文章类型。本插件正版购买汉化,支持更新升级..(网上部分汉化说Visual Composer已经更新到4.4.x,完全是扯蛋。大家可以到“官方正版网址”插件。截至2016年6月8日,官方版本为4.12)。

Visual Composer WordPress可视化编辑器汉化版

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Visual Composer WordPress可视化编辑器汉化版


Welcome to the most popular and extendable visual WordPress page builder plugin! Visual Composer is an easy to use drag and drop page builder that will help you to create any layout you can imagine fast and easy – no programming knowledge required!

Visual Composer page builder comes with 2 types of intuitive content editors – Frontend and Backend. Create your WordPress website with backend style editor or move your page building process to frontend and instantly see any changes you make.

Not only that, Visual Composer is the first page builder that gives you full control over responsiveness. It has never been easier to create a responsive website and control how your layout (or even individual parts) behave on different devices. With inbuilt preview options, it takes only one click to instantly check how your website looks on mobile or tablets. Save your money on purchasing different devices or struggling with online tools – Visual Composer has all of these options available out of the box.


Visual Composer WordPress可视化编辑器汉化版

Visual Composer WordPress可视化编辑器汉化版Visual Composer WordPress可视化编辑器汉化版Visual Composer WordPress可视化编辑器汉化版


Visual Composer WordPress可视化编辑器汉化版