Nex非常易于安装和使用! 该主题将创建所有必要的页面,小工具,演示列表和设置,以重新开始插件安装。 开发人员已经创建了市场上最受欢迎的属性门户脚本。 现在,我们希望为WordPress提供更好的体验! 借助轻松的管理员自定义,简洁的代码,所需的所有功能以及稳定,快速的插件,我们为WordPress系统带来了自定义系统质量!

Nex 工厂和工业WordPress主题[5.0]

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Nex 工厂和工业WordPress主题[5.0]


Nex is very easy to install and use! The theme creates all necessary pages, widgets, demo listings and settings for a fresh start in the plugin installation. Developers have already created the most popular property portal script in the market. Now, we want to give WordPress an even better experience! With easy admin customization, clean code, all the features needed and a stable, fast plugin, we bring custom system quality to a WordPress system!